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    "It is vital for the future of our planet that we promote more women in science to take on leadership roles."




    Women hold only 10% of senior leadership positions.


    Homeward Bound is a global leadership initiative for women in STEMM (science, technology, engineering, math, and medicine).  Through leadership training, strategic planning, change management, and exploration of critical issues facing our world, Homeward Bound is growing a global network of women committed to taking meaningful action for the greater good of our planet.


    This November, I’ve been selected to take part in Homeward Bound’s immersive leadership experience aboard a ship to Antarctica! Alongside 100 women in STEMM, I will embark on a three-week journey to observe the icy continent. As a member of Homeward Bound’s cohort #6, I invite you to support me on my voyage to Antarctica and beyond! 


    How Can We Take ACTION for Our Planet and ELEVATE Women in STEMM? 

    Leadership Training 


    Homeward Bound will advance the role of women in leadership positions. By strengthening and utilizing the unique leadership capabilities and contributions of women, we can affect change for the future of our planet.
    We will practice our leadership skills, knowledge base and strategic capabilities to lead, create, innovate and make a difference.

    Strategic Planning 


    Homeward Bound aims at shifting leadership culture in STEM fields and workplaces to be more inclusive of women and girls by offering targeted training to 10,000 STEMM women.
    We will bridge the gap to individually and collectively influence policy and decision making with respect to creating a sustainable future for all.

    Exploration of Critical Issues


    Homeward Bound promotes the importance of STEM fields and careers, and the evidence-based impact science has for the future of our planet.

    We will collaborate towards mitigating the harmful influence of human activity on the environment and provide insights into the global-scale action and change that is required.

    Network of Women in STEMM


    Homeward Bound encourages and facilitates collaboration among leaders and aspiring leaders with a background in STEM to provide solutions for change.
    We will become more visible in our global science leadership roles which allows up to proactively contribute to the sustainability of the planet.
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    Training more women in STEMM can help solve

    our planet's most pressing challenges.

    Participating in Homeward Bound strengthens my vision to encourage more young people to pursue careers in all STEMM fields. Society needs individuals that are highly trained in STEM-based problem solving. Through my existing LEAPS leadership program at MIT, I enjoy guiding undergrad and grad students, postdocs and faculty at MIT towards highly effective professional strategies and skills. Through the “Women in Leadership” online training course run by MIT Professional Education, I am sharing my experience with an even broader audience. It is vital for the future of our planet that we promote more women in science to take on leadership roles.


    "The ability for current and future generations to thrive depends on the actions we take today." 

    I am seeking donations and contributions to offset the costs of participating in Homeward Bound's leadership training program. With your support, I will return from my Antarctic voyage empowered to take action, and to share my experience as a STEM leader and the details of my journey with friends and supporters, the MIT community, aspiring scientists, and corporate partners.  

    Homeward Bound has partnered with CAF America (https://www.cafamerica.org) for US donors to make tax deductible donations in the name of a participant. CAF America is a registered non-profit 501(c)3 with an EIN (43-1634280). Contributions over $500 are tax-deductible through CAF America.


    I can't wait to share my stories, pictures, and media content of penguins and leadership lessons with everyone! :)


    Click to donate to Anna Frebel's Homeward Bound Voyage via CAF America


    On the CAF donation page, please add the following:

    Under “Grant Purpose (Optional)”:

    “For Anna Frebel, HB6 Voyage 2023”


    More information, including program costs, can be downloaded here.


    Thank you for your consideration!

  • How To Support My Voyage To Antarctica!


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    Donations under $500 (not tax-deductible)


    As a Thank You, all donations over $25 will receive a digital photo of a cute penguin that I said hello to in Antarctica.


    Donations over $50 will receive receive a collection of 5 digital photos I’ve taken in Antarctica.


    Donations over $100 will receive a digital album of 25 amazing photos from the Antarctic voyage and my HB experience.


    Donations over $250 will receive the digital album and a digital photo of me holding a white board with a personalized message of your choice with Antarctica in the background.


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    Donations over $500 (tax-deductible through CAF America)

    As a Thank You, all donations over $500 receive all the previous perks plus a [zoom] coffee & connect chat about Astronomy & Antarctica upon my return.


    Donations over $1,000 will receive all the previous perks plus a signed copy of my book "Searching for the oldest stars".


    Donations over $5,000 will receive all the previous perks plus the opportunity to connect about possible joint activities centered around astronomy, science communication or the STEM leadership training ecosystem.


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    Share with your network, and in-kind donations of any amount

    Any in-kind donations of equipment, gear or clothing (including any that can be tested or utilized in Antarctica) can be made by contacting me through this link.


    I am happy to put products or gear to the test on the icy continent and document it with video!







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